To install MemberList, put the following line in LocalSettings.php: require_once( "$IP/extensions/MemberList/MemberList.php" ); 'MemberList', 'author' =>'Steven Miller', 'url' => '', 'description' => 'This Extension displays the SCCIAA membership roster' ); $wgSpecialPageGroups['MemberList']='users'; //Put this special page in the proper category in the Special Pages listing $dir = dirname(__FILE__) . '/'; $wgAutoloadClasses['MemberList'] = $dir . 'MemberList_body.php'; # Tell MediaWiki to load the extension body. $wgExtensionMessagesFiles['MemberList'] = $dir . 'MemberList.i18n.php'; $wgExtensionAliasesFiles['MemberList'] = $dir . 'MemberList.alias.php'; $wgSpecialPages['MemberList'] = 'MemberList'; # Let MediaWiki know about your new special page. ?> Error

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