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Welcome to the Southern California Crime and Intelligence Analysts' Association web site!

About the SCCIAA

The Southern California Crime and Intelligence Analysts' Association (SCCIAA) was established in 1989. It is a regional organization whose goal is the development and enhancement of crime and intelligence analysis as a tool for more effective law enforcement. To accomplish this, the Association provides a venue for law enforcement professionals to share crime analysis knowledge, techniques and expertise.

What is Crime and Intelligence Analysis?

Crime analysis is the art and science of applying analytical techniques to law enforcement questions and problems. It includes a wide variety of disciplines including statistics, psychology, information technology, economics, political science, and sociology, to name just a few. Crime analysts try to answer the question "Who is doing what to whom?" This may include helping detectives narrow down suspects for a case, providing the public or law enforcement administrators with crime statistics, or finding patterns in criminal activity to predict where a serial offender may strike next. Intelligence analysts often try to answer the question "Who is doing what with whom?" This includes diving into conspiracies such as gangs, criminal enterprises and organized crime, as well as terrorist cells. Especially in this day and age, crime and intelligence analysis are closely intertwined.

Join the SCCIAA

If you would like to join the Southern California Crime and Intelligence Analysts' Association, please download the membership form and follow the directions within.

The web site

Members of the Association are encouraged to sign in and share (non-sensitive) information. To that end, this site is powered by MediaWiki software to make collaboration easier. If you run into problems or undeveloped content while visiting, please let the webmaster know by sending an e-mail to SCCIAA-webmaster-e-mail-address.png. Be sure to include the title of the page and the address (or URL) where you ran into problems.

Publicly available pages

Many features of this site are available to members only. Some areas open to anyone are the job announcements and further information about the SCCIAA. If you are interested in looking at the Association Bylaws, please click here.

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